No cage to new cage.

So this past weekend we had our first camping trip of the season. It was ‘primitive’ camping, meaning no toilets or electricity. Cold enough at night to require huge fires and multiple layers of clothing. Warm enough during the day to be content laying in the sun without getting overly warm. We hunted mushrooms and found none. We went fishing and caught nothing. It was absolute bliss.

Because of the lack of toilets and proper hygiene , he was without his cage during the trip. This put his chastity assignment on hold. Meaning the time he spent out of his cage is tacked onto the end of his assignment. For some strange reason, he felt that to be unfair. I am still uncertain how he thought that but as a kindness, I amended that any T&D he got would count as extra, so each would earn him 6 hours. Most of his T&D I do with his cage on, cage free T&D is rare and something I like to use a reward. He had an entire weekend of T&D that was cage free. Being the first camping trip of the season and cage free meant he had a really really great weekend. To be fair, so did I.

While not applicable to this post at all. I do want to take a moment to brag. I choose to eat better when camping than we do on the day to day. We have such camping staples as crab stuffed portobellos , huge beautiful salmon steaks with fire roasted lemons. This time we even made fresh pasta. The food this trip was stunningly good. I don’t know if it was just that it was the first trip of the season or it was just THAT good. Every bite of food I put in my mouth the entire weekend was amazing. Yay Food!

In other news: His new cage came yesterday. We got The Looker from Steelworx with the urethral plug and PA hook. As I mentioned before, most of his T&D is done with his cage on, so T&D with a new cage is always a lot of fun for me. I played with it a bit this morning and I am really liking this one so far. I am sure I will post more about it once we’ve had longer to get to know each other, but so far, so good!



Such a horny boy!

Recently, my Grumpy started a new profile on a certain fetish based social media site as a female Mistress. Of course, it did’t take long before ‘her’ message box started blowing up and after some excessive ‘discussion’ on my part about catfishing he changed Female to CD/TV. Needless to say, the mass of messages and picture love came to a screeching halt. However, some of the people he had been talking to stuck around. He is in a place in his life where its actually feasible to explore aspects of his sexuality that were otherwise off limits.

A few fun things have come from this. In his post he talked about how being in chastity may have amped up his desire to explore. Well, his exploring has amped up how horny he is too and its added a really amusing vicious cycle to this chastity assignment. He’s requesting a lot more extra T&D, he’s wearing sexier things around the house, and actively seeking my attention. All of which are going to make this rather long assignment loads more fun!

I am loving how much fun he is having with this and hearing some of the back and forth of messages. Though I have to confess I am a tiny bit jealous. There has never been a time in my life where I couldn’t explore any sexual interest that I wanted so, there is just nothing new for me. That said, I am thrilled to see the excitement  he has, its so fucking cute!

If I had any concerns about this is just one. He is talking to these people as a dominate and I think its making him a more sexually aggressive with me. Its happened a few times now and I find it really quite irritating. If it continues, it is going to result in punishment.

Eh, I might have one more concern. The last assignment was long like this one and toward the end T&D was getting damned difficult to avoid accidents. Now, with him being even more horny than he would be otherwise, I am concerned that by the end just him requesting T&D might be too much. Okay, I did just giggle when I typed that out. I love chastity!



All. The. Shoes.

Yesterday my Grumpy had an unusual weekday off. After making a couple of posts in his blog, he took advantage of the day to work on some very overdue chores around the house. In This Post he casually mentions that we likely have 100 pairs of heels between us. That number seemed unreasonably low. So , when he asked if there were any other chores I wanted him to get done, I told him to count our shoes. This is hardly a chore really. Its no secret we love our heels.

Two hours later, the final tally was Him:120 pairs of heels. Me:59. While I knew he had more heels than I, I didn’t realize it was TWICE as many! I will be aggressively addressing this travesty!


Dreamy Romance

I have held more than my fair share of keys in my days on this planet. All of those relationships have been extremely unique. Ranging from they are not allowed to touch my cock when its uncaged at all to … well… my Grumpy. He is allowed to shower and clean it unattended and uncaged. To some of you, that might sound like crazy talk. What is the point of caging him if he can be left alone with it? Trust. He won’t even cheat on me in his dreams.  There are few occasions in chastity where there is a sense of romance. This one  certainly gave me an Awww!

All. The. Cages.

This  morning we had an occasion where he had to be cage free in public. He only goes without his cage when there are doctors or metal detectors involved. He sent me this pic this morning and I found it amusing so I thought I would share it with you all. We’ve been changing out cages quite a bit lately so they get tossed into the sink for cleaning before they get put away.

Much needed weekend

Last week, my Grumpy came up with a wonderful idea. “Lets get away for the weekend” We both work 2 jobs with at least 2 doubles a week and have been doing so for some time. In the warmer months we camp and kayak and that tends to keep the monotony at bay. However, its been a long winter.

We decided to get a hotel in the city for the weekend and do lots of good eating and clubbing. After scouring the internet for a hotel that allows smoking , I finally found one. Packing, dinner reservations, arranging dog care and at 3pm on Friday we were set to go. So, off to the city we go! We had planned on having a few hours to settle in before our dinner reservation at 6:30. We pull up to the hotel , he goes to check us in then comes out asking if I have the confirmation number. After a bit of dancing around we find out I reserved a room at the WRONG hotel! As it turns out hotel chains have more than one location. Who knew?! That said, it was the only hitch for the entire weekend. We had a blast! The expensive seafood buffet wasn’t as great as we were hoping, but it was still pretty damned good. The clubbing was awesome. We ran into some friends we’ve not seen in ages but best of all, we got to reconnect. He has been outside of assignment for some time. The day to day had been really wearing on both of us. I knew I needed to reconnect to him, I was just really struggling with how to go about it.

He got to dress up  in public for the first time in more than a year and was rather aggressively hit on by a few different people which was loads of fun. We went with the intention of possibly bringing someone back to the hotel with us, but that just didn’t happen. As individuals we are both a bit on the intimidating  side and it seems as a couple even more so. I guess we will need to work on that. All said, it was wonderful to remember why he is my favorite human.


Overdue Assignment

We are long overdue for an assignment. Since the last one was so long, I wanted to put some extra time in between that and the next. Though I feel I have put too much time now, so I am making this one kind of easy.

  • This assignment starts tonight at midnight,  March 1st and will end on May 15th You will log a running tally of time added and earned with the new end date.
  • You will come to me and request T&D at least once in every 48 hours and those times run from midnight to midnight.
  • If T&D is denied when you request it, you are expected to request it again at a better time. Failure to do so will add 12 hours to your time.
  • You will come to me for cleaning and inspection every 3 days. Failure to do so will add 3 days to your time.
  • You can earn 6 hours  for requesting and getting T&D more than once in a 48 hour period. You are limited to earning 6 hours in a 48 hour period.
  • You will log everything pertaining to chastity or this assignment daily. Failure to log any event within 12 hours will add 12 hours to your time.
  • The wheel will be spun on inspection day and the sections on the wheel will be exactly as follows:
  • Earn 6 hours
  • Add 12 hours
  • Cage Free T&D
  • No T&D
  • Earn 1 day
  • Add 3 days
  • Please me
  • Spin 2 more times

All of the previously set standards will apply to this assignment.

New Cage!

About a week ago my Grumpy found a fun new cage online. It’s got a removable ‘cap’ that locks separately from the base.  Two keys!  It looked like we were going to be able to use his PA hook with it as well. It wasn’t terribly pricey so we went ahead and ordered it. While he was excited I think I was more excited. My head swam with all the possibilities and did I mention Two Keys!!?? Well, it arrived yesterday.

We took turns inspecting it prior to him putting it on. It appeared to be fairly good construction with kind of an oblong base instead of the round one we are used it. I ran my fingers along the inside looking for any rough spots that would need to be filed off and found none. I had not yet noticed the major flaw in the design. The main lock is on the underside of the cage. Well Shit! In my excitement for the cap design, I didn’t even notice that the lock was on the bottom when he sent me the link.

He put it on and with the oblong shape of the base ring, it presses the lock into him in such a way that if I were to put him into a punishment cage, it would be this one. His PA hook did not fit with it. It is a complete disappointment. While no, we did not pay much for it, it is still kind of sad. You’d think with all the cages I have purchased and most of them being fails in one form or another that I wouldn’t get quite so excited or get my hopes up the way I do.




Freedom? Hmmm..

We just ended what was his longest Assignment to date. The assignment itself was 88 days though he did 144 days without a full orgasm. There were a few accidents during T&D but those don’t really count since they are pretty much ruined. All said, I couldn’t be more proud of him.

He stays in his cage even outside of assignment and there are some basic rules for that as well. Part of the cause of the accidents in the last assignment were because he is very sensitive now. He showered recently without his cage and commented that he was very aware of the hot water. Because of this sensitivity , I decided to lax the rule about staying in his cage all of the time. He is allowed to take it off here at home now. He is still not allowed to play with it. It is still very much my cock even outside of the cage. One might be wondering how I could enforce his chastity when he is allowed to be out of his cage all willy nilly like. Well, thats a simple answer. I trust him. Yes, its true… I trust him. He has given me no reason at all not to trust him and masturbating would not be worth breaking that trust. I also trust that if he did, he’d end up confessing.

Last night before his shower he asked if he has to have his cage off while at home. Without putting much thought into it I said no. However, now that I am thinking that through a bit more, leaving it on by his choice kind of defeats the purpose of that sensitivity issue. So, now I am reconsidering my stance on that. While during assignments, the rules cannot be changed. We are outside of one and I can be far more flexible. However after such a long assignment , that little bit of freedom might be nice for him. He did VERY well and has certainly eared a reward. I will ponder on it a bit further.


Record breaking chastity

As of today he is 78 days into this chastity Assignment and while its had some rough patches, I have to say I am very proud of him. ‘Complaints’ have been limited to the occasional joke. He has not seriously complained about it at all.

I am also quite proud of his enthusiasm. We went fishing over the weekend and I knocked my phone in the lake. Entirely without hesitation or complaint he got in that frigging cold water that was about 8 feet deep and recovered my phone. I offered him two weeks off of his assignment and he didn’t want it. ” No, I want to do the duration”. I think he is proud of himself too.

Cage Free T&D is nearly impossible at this point.  Originally this was only going to be a 60 day assignment which would have still been a pretty long one and T&D gets a little iffy toward the end. I think the current release date is October 16th, The Wheel has not been kind to him on this assignment.

There is a hard set release date and he does not know what date that is. I told him about it the other night and he responded with ” Are you going to tell me” not asking when the date was , just asking if I was going to tell him when we hit it. I have every intention of telling him. However that kind of got me to thinking if I wanted to tell him just before I took his cage off or give him a few days notice. My thought behind maybe giving him a few days notice is so he can make peace with it. Eh.. we’ll see. I’ve still got plenty of time to decide.