Just like keys, all key holders are a little different. We all basically do the same thing and its the ‘why’ that varies. Just as every key I’ve held has been different and the ‘why’ behind it is different too. The keys around my neck today feel very different than the ones that were there 5 years ago. Those keys were a symbol of his submission to me. They bore the weight of my responsibility to take care of him in all ways, not just being sexually dominate. The keys I hold today are not about his submission. In fact, the two things could not be more separated. While he is submissive to me, that is entirely separate from his chastity. While there is responsibility in theses keys, it is weightless. Well mostly weightless. When they are not there, I certainly feel it. Its a disconnection because these keys are about my commitment to us and who we are as partners, friends and lovers and shit.

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