It is amazing how things can change so much in such a short period of time. Less than two years ago package arrived that triggered my Angelina to write this post. I still recall the look on his face and frankly it still makes me giggle to think about it. His new cage was small..really small! The one it was replacing was big enough to actually fuck me. Not something that could be possible with the new one.

Fast forward a couple of years. I had ordered Angelina to change back to the larger cage for my own reasons a week ago. I don’t think it was a full two days before I heard those three little words. Three little words that would many keyholders smile. He wanted to change back to the smaller cage and I asked him why. “It’s so big!” If you have not clicked to see his post, there are pictures of the two cages together. While I am giggling as I write this, I am also beaming with pride. He has grown so much and taken huge steps forward in his journey to discover and explore himself and I could not be more impressed and proud.



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