This post is not related to chastity , BDSM, or Femdom. So if you read my blog, its okay to skip this one. Its all about shoes.



So, today like every Sunday I went to his work and drank wine and oogled his amazing ass while he hurried around serving bar patrons. The other staff are accustomed to me showing up and even look for me. I get frequent and highly uncomfortable complements from them often.  I make it a point to look nice when I go out and even more so when I am a patron at his work, I just feel like that is how  it should be done. Today, I wore what I consider a less than flattering dress and comfortable shoes. After yesterdays awesome playday I just felt like being comfortable.  Eh, otherwise I looked okay but I certainly wasn’t going all out.

Walking up, wearing wedges , I was cautions of rocks and what not, knowing that hitting a rock in the wrong part of my stride would send me falling like a sack of sand.  Apparently a few of his co-workers watched me walk up through the window and the first complemented my dress ( less than flattering) and another made the statement that  I walked up like a super model. I told Grumpy about it and he commented that when I walk like I “own it’ Like that there is some sort of confidence that goes with that. No, really… thats just how someone walks in heels. I wasn’t owning shit! In fact, I was feeling pretty lame for showing up there and looking like I did. Hell! I didn’t even have stockings on!

I have come to this conclusion , if you are wearing heels it forces your head up, your shoulders back and that makes you appear to exude confidence. I wasn’t owning shit! I was just trying to get my parcel and me safely to the intended targets. So, anyone out there, if you like heels and are less than personally confident, this is how you “own it”







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