My Grumpy and I love our long play sessions. Sadly, we’ve not been able to have them for a while now. What had been a fairy regular thing on Saturdays had come to a grinding halt with family obligations and assorted events. I don’t recall which of us brought it up to the other but we discussed it and decided that this past Saturday was going to be playday.

Historically after long play sessions we are both ravenous and it had been a while since we’d had a really nice meal at home so this seemed like a great time to do that. He went to the store to get ribeye, mushrooms , potatoes and craft beer while I made the play space ready and picked out the things I wanted him to wear. We lounged around for a little while , I got the potatoes started slow roasting and the bread dough made and  then got started. At this point I am not even going to bother trying to hold a timeline.

It was my intent to start slow. It had been so long since he’s had a good beating we both expected he was going to need a much longer warm up. We were both wrong. Though in retrospect, I wonder if I have just scarred his ass so much now that he can’t feel as much as he once did. I do recall tapping him with the cane and him saying “Hey, I thought we were going to start slow” I expect it was half joking if anything.

He spent about 7 hours total bound in assorted positions and while I am fond of them all I certainly walked away with a favorite. He was on his stomach, with a rope tied to the ring in the back of his hood that ran to the chain between his ankles and ended on his balls. Nothing was tied off so that meant he had to keep his head back and knees bent to avoid too much ball pulling. Later I added an additional restraint to pull his ankles to the sides of the bed as much as the chain would allow. I think next time that will be better on his thighs though.

Typically when we have longer play sessions like this, I wander off a fair bit leaving him bound. I do things like check on dinner, have a smoke, get a glass of wine and refill whatever I am keeping him  hydrated with at the time. I hardly wandered off at all this time. We played a fair bit before a dinner break and then played again after and he had the entirety of my attention though all of it.

I keep scissors in the bedside table for the times I am using rope. Safety first and all. On a whim I had decided to use them on him as a blade. I had done this only once before ( that was also on a whim) and he enjoyed it. He has asked me if it was a knife or scissors and I refused to tell him, mostly because it was fun not to do so. Then he says ” I think its a knife. Its a knife”  but said so in a nearly giddy tone that had me laughing.

There is so much more I could write about here but I will close with saying this. He never fails to impress me. I am so very proud of him.







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