The last chastity assignment ended 2 weeks ago.  We had discussed it in advance and he successfully negotiated for daily T & D. I told him I was not going to show him the assignment  in advance and that I wasn’t going to tell him the end date. I used a random number generator to select the number of days. Towards the end , it was increasingly difficult not to edge him just a little too far. However, the upside to that was sufficient T & D for the day could be done in far less time.

The number generator had initially selected 87 and that just seemed to be too much. I asked again and it selected 49. With daily T & D , that was going to be tough so I gave him a few extra ways to earn time off. He earned 7 days and I am glad he did. It was getting to the point where a mere 10  minutes of T & D was almost too much. I tend to be rather merciless when it comes to T & D and found I was having to show some restraint to avoid accidents. I don’t think I care for that.

One thing I did add to this assignment that I think I will keep is he can earn time off for pleasing me. I don’t mean sexually, I mean he does something that makes me happy and I can give him time off. He earned time off for things like a really funny joke and taking my phone with him to the store so he could get the Poke stops for me. I know those seem like small things and that is exactly the point. I like being able to reward him for the little things since those are the things that touch me.  He is an especially considerate person to begin with and I don’t feel he was ‘trying’ to do things to get time off.

The day after his assignment ended he had asked me what the first number that I rejected was. When I told him, he said “Lets do that!” Neither of us are particularly emotive people , so I was impressed with the raw eagerness he showed. Every time I start to worry that I may be pushing him to fast or hard, he does something to show me that I worry with no cause.


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