I don’t tend to be the cuddly sort. However, there are a few exceptions to that. One of which is those semi-rare occasions where I find myself half asleep in the early morning being the ‘big spoon’ and my hand cradling Grumpy’s  balls and cage.  I am fully aware this happens nearly every night but when it is mornings like this morning it leads to snuggly T&D…. mmm snuggly.

If you have read any of my other blog posts you know that I tend to be the methodical type. I plan things. I come at life from a logical perspective. So, when I first wake, before my brain has a chance to tell me  the plan for the day, I get to just fall into it. I guess if we were the vanilla type , it would be the equivalent to ‘morning sex’.  These occasions make me feel stuff and now I am giving myself worry wrinkles trying to figure out what that those feelings are, none the less. I really enjoy them. My head is quiet and its just skin on skin, cozy affection. For me, its just as satisfying as having actually orgasmed. It’s different from that though, I don’t actually need to orgasm or even want to for that matter. Yes, for him its tease and denial , for me it’s getting to feel things like affection.


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