We had a conversation this morning that went as follows:

Him: So T&D didn’t happen last night….

Me: Right

Him: So there is no clause in the assignment for that, I mean. I asked…..

Me: We’ve set the standard for Life Happens

I have a bit of a cold and after medicating myself quite thoroughly, I fell a sleep. Yes, did ask. Hell, he might have even tried to wake me to ask again. Though I doubt it. I expect he would rather risk adding 6 hours to his time and try to negotiate it the next day than wake me knowing I was sick.  So, later this morning he asked if I wanted to try to squeeze in some quick T&D before work. This brings up a few things about chastity assignments.

First, he is required to ask for T&D , so on occasions where he knows we have plans after work and will likely be getting in late, he needs to plan ahead. This makes him think about his chastity and  so even when we are not playing or he is not particularly horny , he still has to keep it in the back of his mind to fulfill the assignment.

B: When he asked for T&D this morning, I didn’t really want to do it. Not feeling particularly well and working at the same time my initial internal response was ‘eh’ However, I have a responsibility to chastity assignments as well. I suspected he kind of sensed it and was especially wiggly and vocal this time, which he knows pleases me, and it did.

3. Setting standards for assignments. This is only his third assignment so it might be a bit harder for him to know what the standards are and I suspect I should make him a list or something. I have standards that I like for myself and have used in the past but I am not going to automatically apply those. Simply because they have worked in the past doesn’t mean they will work for us.

Grumpy and I had been doing a ‘lite’ version of chastity prior to him asking for something more. ” I want to go without cumming for 3 months” I had been waiting and starting to get a bit impatient for him to ask for more. I laughed when he said it because in my head I screamed ” Its on now, bitch!” I am starting to wonder if he got a bit more than he was expecting though. I didn’t currently have someone else in chastity when Grumpy asked so he knew nothing of chastity assignments. I just sat him down one night and told him the rules for outside of assignment and informed him there would be an assignment soon. While he has not complained about them, he is not the complaining sort. I have started to wonder if its a bit much for him.

This being only his 3rd assignment, in looking over it I have stepped him up much quicker than I have with partners in the past. Those partners also had the added benefit of another partner in chastity to me to talk with. There is something about Grumpy that makes me want to ‘fast track’ him in many areas, he is eager. There is nothing at all that I can think of that I presented him with that he has been unwilling to try.  I was already planning on putting more time between this assignment and the next one since this one is going to be tough. However I am starting to think I need to step back a bit on the next one as well.







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