I woke up especially early this morning and especially horny. I looked over and saw that Grumpy was awake as well so there was a bit of morning fun. He requested inspection , mostly so he could swap out cages. The RC cage has been causing some irritation after a few days and I suspect he is learning to swap back to the SH cage before it gets bad. Needless to say , its a request I am never likely to refuse.

So, after a few good orgasms, some conversation, some fumbling with keys in less than ideal lighting, and the morning pee I was soundly awake. So I found myself with a lot of spare time before work this morning. Grumpy had wrote last night  https://grumpylionsdenial.wordpress.com/2017/03/07/to-know-or-not-to-know/  and had asked my thoughts on it. So with a bit of extra time this morning I considered it more in depth.

I’d used a random number generator to select the number of days in this assignment. The  first number it came up with was both unreasonable and a little cruel. While typically I would respond to that with ” Aww that sucks a lot for you Grumpy!” and would have genuinely meant it, that was just too much though the second number isn’t much better. I had to come up with a few ways he could earn more time off and make infractions a little less painful . So along with those changes, him not knowing the end date, and him knowing this one is going to be challenging ( for both of us), this one is going to give us a lot of good information.

I think not knowing the end date in assignment is too different outside of assignment to really compare the two. True, he doesn’t know when I am going to let him cum outside of assignment. However, he does know its not likely to be very long since I am able to give into my whims. I like sex. I like lots of sex. While no, I do not let him cum every single time, he does know from experience that it won’t be terribly long. Outside of assignment, he can also ask to cum and I might let him. Because of all of that, I almost expect that he will end up preferring to know the end date of assignments.

Not knowing the end date of this assignment takes away his ability to use rewards to orchestrate when the assignment ends. So I am terribly curious to see what effect that has on him to earn rewards. He could end up going with the attitude of ” I don’t know the end date so when it starts to get tough, earn as much time off as I can” or ” I don’t know the end date, so earning time off really means nothing at all. ”



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