Grumpy and I don’t typically get as many days off from work together as I would like. Its no secret that we both very much enjoy extended play sessions and those days off together are perfect for them. We’ve never actually talked about it, its simply become an unspoken plan. So waking up at 5am to discover I was sick was more than a little disappointing.

I have a chronic illness that flares up without cause or warning and its especially fond of doing so when there is something I am looking forward to doing. So I slipped out of bed so my  being sick wouldn’t ruin his sleeping too. About the time he would typically wake up , I sent him a message asking him if we had plans today and I was also going to let him know I was sick. He responded with “Bedtime” I knew this meant ” Hey, I am in the bed all tied up and waiting on you” Since I was a tad irritated that he hadn’t responded to my message at all , I went and had a cigarette first.

I found him, hooded, laying on his side with the spreader bar attached to his cuffed ankles the hand cuffs on his wrists so it ran vertically with his body. He’d pulled his cage and balls back behind his thighs , leaving me an awkward but intriguing target. I should point out that he was bound and blindfolded and that is why he didn’t respond to my message. Just as I was done assessing what I was working with I doubled over with another spasm and briefly considered unchaining him or just curling up next to him and going back to sleep but opted for having at least some fun and hoping it would be a good distraction.

After a few hours of play, mostly T & D with some light impact, he needed a break. I got the keys he had left on his bedside table for me to free him and let me say  this now, I hate handcuffs. I have many reasons. The  key to the handcuffs was not working. I removed his gag and hood and he tried as well. Still not working. After much fiddling and fussing I got another key that also failed to open them. Then he got up and got another key that did work. Really it was likely no more than about 10 minutes but I an assure you that I said ” I hate handcuffs’ no less than 10 times during. I was tempted to punish him for not leaving me the right key. Realistically I likely should have anyway but I expect next time he will remember two things distinctly. Check the keys and I hate hand cuffs. He redeemed himself later by handing me the remote to the shock collar he’d wrapped around his balls when we went out for drinks. Both of which turned out to be a nice distraction.






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