So I woke up yesterday in a relatively decent mood only to find that work needed me. Needed me hours prior. If you know me in real life, then discovering work needed me and I was not there would automatically cause me to react with fixing the trouble and a pinch of self loathing for letting the problem get that far is entirely expected. I take my job very seriously and very much enjoy what I do.

Fast forward 2 hours. I am working away, mostly happily and Grumpy sends me a picture of his erect penis. This is typically and invitation and I let him know I was really busy with work. So with some mild disappointment , I went back to work. We, like most partners who are reasonably technically savvy in the first world , frequently send messages while in the same house and this morning was no different. Later, he sent me a message saying he was still pretty sore and was going to work without his cage.

Now is a good time to point out, I absolutely trust Grumpy’s judgment on these things.

1: He knows how he feels better than I could assume based on visual inspection.

2: He is a nurse.

3: He has never given me a reason to not trust him, therefore I do.

We traded our ‘I love yous’ and  he kissed me goodbye and I was annoyed the second the door closed. At the time it seemed that it was a work irritation , in retrospect it certainly was not.

Grumpy broke the rules!  He is not allowed to leave our property without his cage. I had spent my entire day just being cranky in general. I am not the sort to be in any mood without cause and certainly not a bad one. I just couldn’t figure it out. He got home from work and I vented a bit. I felt better right away…. and I still didn’t put it together! Its a rare occasion that his presence doesn’t improve my world view so I let it go at that. It wasn’t until he brought up the irritation his underwear caused while he was at work because he didn’t have a cage on that it all clicked. It was a totally justified breaking of the rules, but it still effected me. Conclusion: I am clearly bat shit crazy.



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