Grumpy has a Prince Albert piercing that we integrate with his cages. His new cage has a different design than the last where it goes through the piercing hole instead of hooking through the ring like the last one. Well, there is a bit of irritation and we switched back to his old cage for a few days. This meant getting the keys back on my chain.

In doing so, it got me to thinking. In all of my long term relationships, I’ve always worn all the keys to all the cages I had for my partner. Yes, of course he can only wear one cage at a time. However, I was in the habit of switching them out frequently. It just made sense to wear them all. Subby Hubby 1 ( SH1) was only able to wear the same cage for a few days at a time. We had likely 20 cages that we’d tried in the 10  years we were together and settled on 3 that caused the least irritation.

Subby Hubby 2 (SH2) also had 3 cages that I frequently swapped out. Same as SH1, we likely bought 20 or more  cages in the more than 10 years we were together. While he could wear the  same cage for a few weeks at a time they did start to irritate. There were a few 5-6 year relationships in there that had a similar pattern. Before you do the math on these, I am polyamorous so there is a fair bit of overlap here.

Grumpy has been an interesting learning curve for me in a few ways. He is my first with a PA. He had a well fitting cage when I took him for my own, so he can wear it for months at a time without issue. However I still wear all the keys.

There are a few patterns forming here that I hadn’t really noticed before. I am now wearing the keys to 3 cages and if I am frank about it, its not entirely about practicality, I like the sound they make. Another pattern is this: I have told myself and everyone else that I don’t require or even want chastity from every partner. That’s very much true, however I am just realizing that those that don’t give it to me, do not last and I am completely okay with that. I’ve always know it was a preference, though I guess based on the evidence, its a bit more than that.



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