This post is totally unrelated to keyholding , so if thats why you are here, it’s okay to skip this one.

So once upon a time about a million years ago,  I got a job at a 5 star restaurant as a server. It was my first serving job and it required I wear 3 inch heels. Having never actually worn much for heels before I took the advice of an ‘older’ server who said ” Live in them. Its going to suck, but live in them. Sleep, eat in them, and stand on your toes when you shower.” So, I did just that. I even taped them to my feet while I slept so I couldn’t kick them off. I lived in them like they were a very painful injury that I just had to suffer though.

Now , for reasons that are less than interesting, I am suffering. After years of wearing heels my body has adjusted. Adjusted so well  in fact that I am suffering for living with a 2 inch sweep for 4 days. No, I am no longer a server in heels. Those days have long since past. However, during that time I found a kind of Stockholm Syndrome love for them. Since then, they’ve become something along the lines of a part of who I am. My love of shoes is no secret to anyone who knows me for more than a few minutes. However , what most people don’t know is that love has given me ‘Barbie Feet’ As it turns out, its more than just the feet that are affected. My thighs, back and shoulders are feeling it as well.

Each time something happens in life that takes my heels from me and the pain starts , I consider powering though it and getting my body ‘right’ again. This time is no exception. Yesterday I decided that I would do it. The same thing happened that always happens. My reason for forced flatfoot ended, we went out and I grabbed one of my favorite pairs of heels. Within minutes I was nearly pain free. I had intended to wear them as little as possible , then got distracted and well… guess what?  I am not doing it again this time.


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