A package arrived today. Grumpy  has quite literally had dreams about this package arriving. We were sitting outside smoking when he checked the mail and discovered it. I have to say I was genuinely impressed with his patience as he sat there with it in his lap waiting on me to finish my cigarette. He is not a terribly emotive person, so watching his facial expressions change every so slightly was fun. I didn’t doddle though, I am not mean.

Back in August of last year, we ordered a custom made cage for him. The one he had prior to my accepting his key was a solid steel tube and while esthetically pleasing, not my preferred design since it pretty much stays damp inside it all the time. While thats never posed an issue before, its my cock now and I want it clean and free of potential lesions. At the time, he also expressed he would like a bit less wiggle room. Well! Who and I to say no to that?!

Reiteration: Grumpy is not an emotive person. I was simply unable to control my laughter when the very distinct combination of fear and excitement appeared on his face when he saw exactly how small it was. In fact, I am laughing now just recalling it. He asked if he could try it on and I told him yes. After some maneuvering, it was on and locked in place. Not being as heavy as his previous one, he commented “I can barely tell its there. That just doesn’t quite feel right” A few minutes later I was feeling the exact same way.

It was about time for him to leave for work and I offered to let him keep the new one on at work if he wanted. He clearly wanted just that. So we added the new key to my necklace where it joined three other keys and a pendant that has the word patience embossed on it. Because its a new cage and we both have to work, I did not want him without a means of getting it off in case there was a problem. So, he went to work with the keys to both cages and his previous cage. Yeah, that just doesn’t quite feel right. I would like to be excited about my new key, typically I would be. My new key means nothing at all right now as long as he has access to unlock the cage.

The fantasies of chastity verses living it in a real partnership are different in so many ways. Much like the difference between vanilla sex and hard core porn. The fantasy chastity would say ” You are the key holder, you call all the shots” with the expectation that I would just be a cold , hard bitch about it. Reality is something very different though. While some couples have ‘date night’, we have chastity assignments. While some women would surprise him with his favorite meal, I let him cum. Fact is, if he ever came to me and said ” I don’t want to wear my cage anymore”  for me, that would be the equivalent of ” I want a divorce” While I am excited for him and his new cage, I am left feeling a bit separated. Thats not a bad thing and temporary for certain. Chastity means many things to many people. Grumpy himself likely has different feelings on it than I. This much is true though, when his cage is off , I am not wearing my keys and we both get the same “That just doesn’t feel right” feeling.





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