I am not the type of person that just automatically knows and understands how I feel about something when it happens. More often than not, I can’t even give a name to emotions when I am feeling them. Its difficult to inspire emotions in me, so when something does ‘touch’ me I pay attention.

Yesterday I was browsing a certain fetish social media site and came by a profile that moved me to tears. Specifically his “About Me” section. It was clear it was not written with the intent to inspire the emotions it did in me. It was just an open and honest account of a married man who needs chastity with a key holder that couldn’t be less active in his chastity.

Its not often that I initiate conversations on this certain fetish based social media site but I was compelled to do so this time for feeling..Stuff. After some processing of aforementioned Stuff I figured out that I just wanted him to know that some random person cared that he was suffering. Part of me was hoping he would respond with “Hey, I’ve not updated my about me in a while. Things are great now” He did respond with “Hey, I’ve not updated my about me in a while…” but what followed was even more heart wrenching. His key holder is daunted by his chastity. He is loyal and devoted to his wife so now he is living life with not only his needs not getting met but feeling they are a burden.

I do not accept every key that is offered to me and the ones I accept, I cherish. I need Grumpys chastity as much as he needs it. I have never personally been in a position where my needs weren’t or couldn’t be met. I have never lacked for partners or playthings. Grumpy would tell you its because I am a woman. I have been offered more keys than I can recall. I’ve had offers to mail them to me from men I’ve never actually met or spoken to in anything other than text. I laughed and called them idiots. Now I get it. They aren’t idiots, they are suffering and desperate. They are willing to accept less than what they need to at least get some of it satisfied.

Is it really so hard to find an active key holder?





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