I consider myself an easy going person for the most part. My ‘party friends’ would tell you I am fun loving and outgoing. However, those that share life with me on the day to day tend to say I am disconnected and logical. More than a few people have lovingly called me “Ms Spock”.  So the extremes are very apparent when I am passionate about something.

I started Grumpy on a new assignment last night and have set the standard that prior to that starting , we play and I allow him a full orgasm. I took off his cage and bound him and we played. It was awesome, though it always is. Sadly, its just never enough. It’s not as though I don’t feel satisfied when I untie ( or untape) him. In those moments I am entirely satiated. When I sleep and then wake, it is a certainty that the very first thought I will have is the strong desire to tie him up and beat that perfect ass.

We talked a bit today before he left for work and he suggested a 48 hour play session. Only letting him up for bathroom and food breaks. My heart sang and raced and there were all of these …. feelings. Stuff! Had anyone else said that to me, I would immediately decide they were an unrealistic ,overly ambitious newbie. Not him! I am certain that not only could he take a full 48 hours of play, he would wake the following day wanting more.So if you are following his blog as well and he ‘disappears’ for a while, well its because I found someone who has an appetite for destruction that matches my own.




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