There are few things in life more satisfying than watching Grumpy squirm and writhe, desperate to orgasm. I got one of them this morning though. Its a whimper. This is a very specific whimper though. This is the whimper of denied.

I removed his cage today for a bit of morning T&D. While I don’t typically  remove his cage for T&D he was due for a good cleaning. I got the duct tape while he cleaned and bound his hands right away. He is not allowed use of his hands at all while the cage is off and we had limited time, so the tape is just quicker. He started writhing and whimpering fairly quick. Then he said those five little words that every key holder loves to hear. ” Please may I cum, Ma’am” I’ll admit that for a split second , I did actually consider saying yes. He very rarely asks and there was such desperation in his tone. No. No, is the word that gets me the whimper I so love.





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